Humorous Mystery from Minnesota


Glorified Rice with a Dollop of Whodunnit.


Humorous Mystery from Minnesota. Uffda!

Book 1 of the Norwegian Pontoon Mafia Series

Edie Fisker wants a normal life for her family in 1975 Minneapolis, but her nit-picky mother, erratic husband, and overactive son aren’t making normal easy. Their lives careen in a comical tailspin after Edie inherits her uncle’s lake resort in northern Minnesota. Turns out her uncle’s death was anything but accidental, and the lakes up there are run by a powerful Norwegian men’s club, the Sons of Gunnar, dontcha know. So on top of keeping her husband and son in line, and only having one decent thing to wear, now she needs to solve a murder-and there are plenty of suspects to choose from. Better throw a potluck, then! But will she find out who killed Uncle Nat and why so many folks hate fruit cocktail in their glorified rice? Humor from Minnesota. Uffda!

About the author.

Chaunce Stanton is writer, reader, forager, gnome guardian, and Rugged Individualist-in a good way.

Raised in the lake town of Annandale, Minnesota, Chaunce Stanton’s imagination ran wild. It hasn’t stopped running, and he is trying to keep up with it. Warped at an early age by his father’s offbeat humor and by Monty Python, Chaunce was always a little different. He put on his best Chuck Taylor hi top shoes to nab his degree in English, Creative Writing from Saint Cloud State University. His favorite courses included British Romantic Writers and American Transcendentalist Literature. Now he and his wife, Naomi, guard Minnesota’s southern border from invading Iowegians from their hobby farm. They plant a huge organic garden and practice permaculture.

Chaunce Stanton is the author of Rough Start (2021), Grave of Songs (2020), Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives (2013), and Luano’s Luckiest Day (2012).

Chaunce Stanton